Thank You

To all the dedicated volunteers who worked so hard during the 2018 elections, and

To the outstanding candidates who ran as Democrats in 2018.



To our new Governor, Janet Mills, who won Hancock County by 3,874 votes.

To our new Member of Congress, Jared Golden, who won Hancock County by 4,533 votes.


To the fine candidates who won offices in Hancock County:

Louie Luchini, State Senate, District 7

Nicole Grohoski, State Representative, District 132

Sarah Pebworth, State Representative, District 133

Genevieve McDonald, State Representative, District 134

Brian Hubbell, State Representative, District 135

John Wombacher, Hancock County Commissioner, District 2


Notice to candidates: Meetings of the Hancock County Democratic Committee have full agendas. With the approach of the 2020 election cycle, we welcome Democratic candidates for office to speak at our meetings using the traditional procedures that have served us well in the past. Here are our ground rules:

  • We invite candidates or surrogates to speak at our meetings starting in September 2019. Our meetings are on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Theater Room of the Moore Center on State Street in Ellsworth. The December 2019 “meeting” is reserved for a holiday party.
  • Candidates must reserve a speaking slot in advance by making a request to
  • Remarks are limited to 6 minutes for all offices except U. S. Senate. Candidates for U. S. Senate in 2020 may speak for 15 minutes, with one candidate per meeting.
  • In contested primaries, we will likely host a joint appearance of candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for the same office. These will be just before such primaries.
  • After Democratic nominations are settled, we expect to invite Democratic nominees back for an additional appearance before the 2020 general election.