We need your help to put the LePage legacy behind us and advance a progressive national agenda to counter Trump.

2018 will have critical elections for Governor, US Senator, US Representative, and State Senators and Representatives.  HCDC’s priorities for 2018 include electing a Democratic Governor, electing a Democrat for Maine’s Second Congressional District, winning back a Democratic majority in the Maine Senate and holding a Democratic majority in the Maine House.

We need financial support to pay for our office, phones, computers, supplies, campaign materials, and other expenses.  Please help us fund effective campaigns in 2018 by making a donation to HCDC.  The donation tab is easy to use.

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We will also need a lot of help during 2018 in making thousands of phone calls, knocking on doors, doing office and computer work, writing letters to the editor, driving candidates, and helping with many other important tasks.


Democrats running in Hancock County for Maine Senate and House in 2018

We are proud of these candidates for Maine legislature:

Senate District 6 (incumbent Maker) Christine Therrien
Senate District 7 (incumbent Langley) Louis Luchini
Senate District 8 (incumbent Rosen) Ben Unlenhake
House District 130 (incumbent Campbell) Mike Reynolds
House District 131 (incumbent Ward) Nathalie Arruda
House District 132 (incumbent Luchini) Christopher Keefe
House District 133 (incumbent Chapman) Sarah Pebworth
House District 134 (incumbent Kumiega) Genevieve McDonald
House District 135 (incumbent Hubbell) Brian Hubbell
House District 136 (incumbent Malaby) Kylie Bragdon
House District 137 (incumbent Lockman) Doug Bunker

Clean Elections Support Needed

Most of the legislative candidates are “Clean Elections” candidates. They need you to make a $5 donation on their behalf so they can qualify for Clean Elections funding.

It is fast and easy to do this. Just go to www.maine.gov/cleanelections, click on the green “contribute” button, and then enter your address and name to verify that you are a registered voter.  The name of the candidates in your district for whom you may make a $5 donation will be displayed.