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Dear Hancock County Democratic Committee members,

As some of you know, Margaret and I have listed our Brooklin home for sale.  Upon completion of the sale we plan to move to Massachusetts to be closer to our family.  Therefore, after serving 9 1/2 years as Hancock County Chair and 3 1/2 years as State Chair, I will resign as Chair at the May 18th HCDC meeting. The election of new officers will occur at the business meeting on May 18th after the conclusion of the discussion that starts at 7pm at the Moore Community Center at 133 State Street in Ellsworth.

Our ByLaws provide that in the event of the vacancy of the Chair’s position, the Vice Chair becomes Chair.  However, our Vice Chair, Gary Pinder, does not wish to take on that role and wishes to remain Vice Chair.  In anticipation of my no longer being Chair, I have extensively discussed the requirements of the role of Chair with HCDC member Alfred Judd hoping he would be willing to take on the chairmanship of HCDC. He has indicated that he is excited about being our next Chair. The Executive Committee has reviewed his qualifications and  recommends that HCDC elect Alfred Judd as the new HCDC Chair to succeed me.  Alfred has been an active member of the Executive Committee and has been participating as a key member of the EXCOM. I urge all HCDC members to support his election.

Additionally, in recognition of the demands of current increased activity, the Executive Committee recommends the creation of an additional officer, Second Vice Chair. If the members of HCDC approve the creation of the position of Second Vice Chair, the Executive Committee recommends the election of Kay Wilkins to that new position.  Kay has long been a key member of HCDC, including service as Secretary, but currently does not hold an officer’s position.  Elevating her to an official role will recognize the reality of her significant contributions and key leadership. 

After serving in dual roles as both Secretary and Treasurer, Charles Stephens wishes to focus on the duties of Secretary only.  Hence, the election of a new Treasurer is necessary.  The Executive Committee recommends that I be elected as Treasurer.  I am excited about serving in that capacity as long as Margaret and I are in Hancock County.  When we leave at some unknown future date, HCDC will, of course, need to elect another Treasurer. 

Further, currently Hancock County does not, at this time, have a member on the Maine Democratic Party Rules Committee.  We are entitled to one member.  In some Maine counties, this role is filled by the County Chair.  In others, a different person serves in this capacity. The term of our last member expired and we have not yet replaced this member.  Because the Rules Committee has been considering some important additional rules changes, the Executive Committee recommends that Alfred Judd, as our new Chair, should, for the time being at least, also serve as the Hancock County representative on the MDP Rules Committee.

HCDC already has a strong leadership team that is the envy of many other Maine counties.  These changes retain the same team, with roles re-aligned to accommodate both personal needs and the ongoing interests of HCDC.


John A. Knutson, Chair of HCDC

The HCDC Executive Committee members have made every effort to make this a smooth transition. We also want our members to know that nominations from the floor, during the meeting, to fill the positions up for this special election are allowed and encouraged! We strive to be open and honest in supporting progressive, transparent, and inclusive politics. If you have any questions please reach out to