HCDC Officers

Alfred Judd, Hancock County Chair 
mainejudd@gmail.com, 207-412-3252

Gary Pinder, Hancock County Vice Chair
kaywilkins39@gmail.com, 207-359-5516

Kay Wilkins, Hancock County Second Vice Chair
ggpinder@myfairpoint.net, 207-664-3070

Charles Stephens, Hancock County Secretary

stephensalison@rocketmail.com, 207-812-5323

John Knutson, Hancock County Treasurer
jaknutson1140@myfairpoint.net, 207-359-5056


HCDC has a number of sub-committees that work on a wide variety of projects. Whether you’d like to get out and meet with the public, work closely with a group of volunteers, or tackle a project you can work on from your home, we can put your talents to good use. Find your niche and volunteer! Use the Volunteer Form to let us know your interest, or contact headquarters for more information.