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public purpose, and working together.

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Some Ways you Can Help

  • If you like being at the center of the action – Volunteer at Headquarters
  • If you want to call a meeting of your Town Dem Committee, one of us from HCDC will be glad to attend and help organize.
  • If you like making a difference – Work on the campaign team or an HCDC Committee
  • If you love to research and write – Talk to the HCDC Chair about joining the Communications and Messaging Committee
  • If you want to “Get the vote out” – Help us organize your town’s Absentee effort and help with GOTV calling from headquarters or from your home
  • If you like picking the winners – Search your town for potential candidates (school board, town select board, town planning board, etc.)
  • If you like meeting new people – Be a part of the Headquarters Team
  • If you like organizing – Coordinate and maintain an events calendar for your town

More Ways to Get Involved

Volunteer! Fill out our Volunteer Form to get started.

Help with Events
HCDC organizes or participates in many events, ranging from parades and festivals to House Parties and receptions. We can always use help both in the planning stages and at the events.

Phone Banking
Callers can work at Headquarters, or from their homes. Scripts and training will be provided.

Letters to the Editor (LTE’S)
These are always needed. Write on a subject of your choice, or contact us for suggested topics. If you submit a letter, we encourage you to send us a copy, whether or not it is printed.  If you need help, contact a member of the Communications and Messaging Committee.

Media Contact Information

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