Values & Vision

Democrats champion America’s highest values:

We fight to protect the fundamental rights of all citizens through our constitution and laws.
We build community to assure that all may participate and that every vote can be cast and will be counted.  Money is not speech. Corporations are not persons; their political acts require firm regulation. The substitution of the influence of the electorate by that of corporations must be reversed.
Every American must have the opportunity to succeed. Strong public education helps everyone learn and contribute.  We strive for work for all –- at workplaces where we are respected and rewarded fairly.
Healthcare throughout life is a fundamental right. Medicare should be improved and extended to cover everyone.  Maine should lead by creating such a program now consistent with the provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act.
America must balance the interests of employees, employers, consumers, and corporations to assure and protect a broad-based middle class. We stand against both the recent rapid concentration of national wealth in the hands of a  privileged few and the dramatic weakening of the middle class and therefore the  economy.  Government should be supported through progressive taxation – those who have benefitted most should pay more as their fair share.  Government must practice fiscal responsibility.
Public investment in science, technology, and public works accomplishes aims we could never achieve as individuals or through the private, for-profit economy; we have created ports, highways, public universities, the Internet.  We must also now invest to help control climate change and bring sustainable growth.
America must defend itself from aggression and work with other nations for peace, development, and a just world. Citizens must be secure in their person and privacy at the hands of both government and the corporate sector.
Democrats believe in the power of community, public purpose, and working together.  Join us.

January, 2014


The material above was first developed over a three month period of time in mid-2011. Probably as many as 75 Hancock County Democrats participated at some point in an intensive consensus process undertaken at the beginning of the HCDC Communications and Messaging Committee (CMC) work. Ideas were generated first and intensely debated. An initial desire to limit ourselves to 150 words total eventually relaxed to 250 as participants realized we needed a bit more to encompass all the topics of highest priority to us. The discussion throughout was intense, and the many winnowing drafts left CMC members with a firm common base on which later, more specific issue discussions could firmly stand. From time to time the statement has been and well be revised slightly to reflect accomplishments and emergent concerns.