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How do I register?

The simplest way to register to vote is to go to your local town office or town hall, bureau of motor vehicles, or certain social services agencies and get a voter registration card. You will need to fill it out and have proof or your residence. It is also possible to register to vote on election day if you have the required proof. 

For more information, see Voter Registration in Maine.

Can I vote Absentee?

Maine has allowed any voters who wish to do so to apply to the Secretary of State’s office to cast an absentee ballot. This allows the voter to send in their ballot ahead of time for any reason, including simple convenience. Once the voter has that ballot, they cannot also vote in person, however. 

For more information, see Absentee Voting in Maine.

Where do I vote?

Go to Maine’s Voter Information Lookup Service to find your polling location.

How do I find out who is running?

Go to Maine’s Voter Information Lookup Service to find the names of candidates that will appear on your ballot.

How do I contact my elected officials?

Go to Maine’s Voter Information Lookup Service to find your elected officials as well as their contact information.

How do I support Clean Elections candidates?

Support the Hancock County Democratic Candidates

HCDC members support Democratic candidates at every level from the President of the United States to our local town selectboards.  We can do this by helping to collect petition signatures, making phone calls, going door to door ourselves or driving candidates as they go door to door, and helping raise campaign funds. We pay particular attention to the seven members of Maine House of Representatives and the three members of the Maine Senate whose districts put together cover all parts of our county. HCDC as a group can only actively support those candidates who win their primaries or are uncontested in their races. This year the primaries will be held on June 14, 2022. The only exception to this is Nicole Grohoski, who won HCDC support to fill the Senate District 7 seat that will be ending after the November elections. There will be an election with Representative Grohoski running as the Democratic candidate for the open Senate seat on June 14, 2022. She will also run in a primary that will happen that same day to become the Democratic candidate for the election to the Senate District 7 seat that will cover the following two years. Whoever the winner of that primary is will also have HCDC support.

Election Schedule 2022

May 13–14, 2022Democratic State Convention in Bangor, Maine
June 14, 2022Primary Election
November 8, 2022General Election


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