Letters to the Editor

Why Letters to the Editor?
Why me?
Glad you asked.

Letters to the Editor have an honored place in American history. They were an early source of news reporting and commentary—a public forum where neighbors and newcomers shared ideas about the wide range of concerns to themselves, their families, their community, their nation, and the world beyond. They are still all that.

LTEs reach large audiences, including elected officials, organizations, and news media. They can demonstrate and rally support for, or opposition to, candidates and political agendas, advocacy goals and government policy. And they spotlight new information about current events. From where you stand.

While we may share common objectives, we may have different ideas about how to achieve them. And while we may have similar opinions, we still have our unique perspectives. We face formidable challenges and need the benefit of everyone’s knowledge and insight. LTEs are a way of putting our individual experience in service to our shared goals.

For those of you who have ideas but are uncertain how to share them and for those who are ready to write but still considering which issues to address, we have toolkits to get you started, information from the Maine Democratic Party on important issues, and lists of publications with their guidelines and contacts. What we need is your voice—and the time it takes you to write a few paragraphs about your thoughts. ThankYou. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact hancockvoices2024@gmail.com for more information.

We live in the age of communication. Write letters to the editor. 

—Elie Wiesel

Who Will Write It?

An answer from 1776: The Film.

Sources of Information & Inspiration

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