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Upcoming: May Meeting

Jared Golden

Plus: Meet the Candidates

May 26, 2022 7–9 PM

Note change of date to accommodate our speaker’s schedule

Via Zoom

Join us as Congressman Jared Golden talks with us about what is at stake this election, what is going on in Washington, and why this election is so critical for the state and nation. There will be time for Q&A.

Following Jared Golden, at 8 PM we will be hearing from all our candidates running for the Maine Legislature. This is an important part of the program. Don’t miss it!

Please register no later than Wednesday, May 25. Last-minute registrations will not be accepted. You will receive a unique link you will need to use to join the meeting.

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Thank You, Governor Janet Mills

March 2022

The members of the Executive Committee of the Hancock County Democratic Committee wish to thank Governor Mills for her excellent leadership from her inauguration in January 2019 – and pledge to strongly support her re-election in 2022.

We are proud of her for many reasons – here are our top seven reasons:

1) Janet Mills has a vision for the Future of Maine – even naming it the Department of the Future, led by Hannah Pingree. She’s looking ahead to ensure Maine citizens and businesses continue to grow and thrive.

2) One year into Governor Mills’ term, in March 2020, the arrival of COVID was like hitting a brick wall. Governor Mills has competently, courageously, and calmly taken needed actions to lead Maine as safely as possible through the COVID pandemic. Thanks to her leadership, Maine has one of the lowest death rates and highest vaccine rates in the nation. She continues to work with state and federal officials to learn about the disease, and to keep Maine citizens safe. She worked with state agencies to secure federal funds to support vital economic and governmental sectors while temporarily closing businesses and facilities to protect the people. This approach made some people mad at Governor Mills. Some of these angry people did not get the vaccines when they were available. Some of these people, despite pleading from Governor Mills and CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah, died.

3) Our Governor proposes to send $850 relief checks from our surplus to thank and benefit our many hard working, low paid essential workers who have served all of us for the past 2 years. Checks help much more than her opponents “tax cuts.” (If you pay little or no taxes due to little income, a tax cut does not help.)

4) Governor Mills implemented the expansion of Medicaid – bringing health care to 85,000 Maine citizens.

5) Janet Mills understands the threat from climate change – and started taking actions in 2019 to protect Maine’s businesses and ecosystems from climate change – which will also promote economic development and growth. She signed legislation creating the Maine Climate Council, spoke before the UN, and by executive order required Maine agencies to use less fossil fuels.

6) Janet Mills hires competent leaders, for example Jeanne Lambrew, Department of Health and Human Services, who has rebuilt vital services gutted by the LePage administration. She praises, respects and supports them. This is one of her key talents as our leader.

7) She is the first woman Governor in Maine – what a role model for all females – young and old in Maine and nationally.

—Hancock County Democratic Committee Executive Committee: Kay Wilkins, Chair, Laurie Fogelman, Pam Person, Alison Stephens, Charles Stephens, Lee Cline, Burt Wartell, Brian Hubbell, Karen Cote, Priscilla Gilman, Donald Snoke, Rebecca Wentworth


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